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Holy Truth or just The Plain Truth about Anne Frank and his diaries in Holland - Let`s be honest?

Holy Truth or just The Plain Truth about Anne Frank and his diaries in Holland - Let`s be honest?


Could I ask?

How it was possible to write that in that time in that certain pencil?

Do you wonder?

I understood that those pencils were common in 1950`s not before

Anne Frank and her diaries - Everything true?
It seems to be: The Truth is somewhere out there? Pencil what was used to write. Somekind of timemachine or what happend?

Seppo Lehto preacher Tampere

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Blogger Pastorius said...

So, you're out of jail now?

Hey, Seppo, you don't believe Anne Frank wrote her diaries? Do i have you right?


Friday, June 12, 2009 4:13:00 PM

Blogger Maallikkosaarnaaja Seppo Lehto said...


There is three degrees court stairs in Finland

1 degree ( Käräjäoikeus ) in my case judgement 30.5.2008 2 years 4 months prisonery

Complaining led to

2 degree justice ( Turun hovioikeus ) 26-27.5.2009 - Judment becomes in 30 days after that

So I hope reald justice not NKVD = KGB = puppet justice.

I have read history in Tampere university. I such cases as history there should not be any issue so called "faith" or believing, neither in judge cases. Everything should be absolutely true or releasing case category fairy tale books.

Am I right?

Have I read wrong when I have seen so called picture of Anne Frank diaries where the "print" or marks seems to be our days ink in our ways written. Did I made my point of wiew understood?

What I have seen war time letters they have had ordinary scool pencil marks, not these days ink and pen.

Yours Sincerely
Seppo Lehto
Historian and preacher

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